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Catalina Woven Beach Hat
Large floppy women's woven summer/beach hat

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"It’s been almost impossible to retain my jewelry in good condition because they always get discolored after a short period. I found myself in a vicious cycle of purchasing jewelry only to discard them after a few uses.

I knew there were others with similar experiences who could benefit from a sustainable solution. This led to the creation of COAST - an affordable and sustainable 18k gold plated jewelry collection, hand-picked with care." - Rama S

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Likizo is a women's apparel & resort style brand, designed and curated in the US. The cornerstone of Likizo has been forged with the ideal of creating a healthy shopping atmosphere that actively puts fashion at the forefront of relaxation.


Likizo means vacation in Swahili. As with almost every aspect of life, our biggest inspiration is drawn from Africa.